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Alison Regen (Ahmed)  email

Lilian Cerdeira (Abeni)   email   Rockville, MD

Dennis Alloy email  Vienna, VA    pic
Married Lynn in Dec '89. Three kids:daughters Jamie 13, Sydney 7 & son Jesse 10. Owned a bakery/deli in Tysons Corner for  8 years after being in real estate development . Now back in the real estate thing while looking for the next latest and greatest. Believe it or not, PTA President of my kids' school (finishing up on second term). I keep in touch with Dave Dennison, and Mike & Roz Haggerty where I have seen a bunch of old classmates at thier house. For those who remember Luxmanor ES, I occassionally see Ms. Glancy who lives close by.  06/24/07

John Amrine   email   Fairfax, VA
Living in Northern Va, Charge Nurse at Fairfax ER, level 1 Trauma center. still playing soccer,tennis, and driving cool cars, very well behaved these days, no smoking or drinking for past 12 years or so. getting ready to relocate to NC. Looking foward to seeing people my own age! 6/16/06

Eve Kerr (Askanas)   email  Michigan
Eve is a physician and professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, where she also runs a VA research center, the Center for Clinical Management Research. She and her husband, Robb, have been married for almost 22 years. They have 2 girls, ages 16 and 12. She sees classmate Dina (Moses) Land often when she travels to DC for work.

Eileen Barnhard (Barnard)  email  Middletown, MD
My oldest daughter Emily graduated college in May 2010 and was married in September.   Youngest daughter, Sarah went off to Frostburg a few weeks ago. I'm now an empty nester! Went out with Debbie (Wintermyer) Huffman after work today.  09/09/2011

Scott Boelke  email

Diana Miller (Berdeguez)   email   Belcamp, MD
I have been keeping busy with 2 marriages! First one a bust and am happily married now. I have two kids ages 18(girl) and 15(boy). My daughter just graduated from high school last week. (feel very old!) Getting this reunion notice makes me feel even older! Wow...25 years! Has it really been that long? I know that I wasn't very well-known in high school but I do have good memories of my JR and SR years there. Have not kept in touch with anyone at all. Don't even know how you found me!
Guess that's it for now. 6/12/06

Jonna Reyna (Bickerton)  email   West Melbourne, FL

Patty Long (Bilz)   email   Oralndo, FL

Larry Bohan   email   Monument, CO
Earlham College 1981-1985, Vienna/Tysons Corner, VA 1986-1990, (Silicon Valley), CA 1990-1996,  Denver/FortCollins/COS, CO 1997- present,  currently, Monument, CO (~ N39.06.834 W104.49.603) . Anyone skiing, hiking the 14'ers, passing through ..(I-70?),  or, even just stuck again at DIA, touch base!  (Dave Ashby, 25-DEC-2005, (R.I.P, Dave ...))  07/07/06

Larry Bottinick  email Prevessin, France
Married with two daughters, now 9 and 12.  I work with the United Nations Refugee Agency, now in Geneva, Switzerland living in a big house in a small village on the French side of the border. After U of Michigan, Georgetown Law, lived in Indonesia in a Vietnamese refugee camp, California working with the Department of Justice, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with the UN, several years in Prague, Czech Republic, and Turkey.  My wife, a Portugese/ Canadian, is with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, so one of is often traveling. I come back to Bethesda every couple of years, and indeed plan to be there August 2010. Warm regards to all.   07/16/10

Sherrie Mitchell (Braude)   email   Rockville, MD
Chip and I have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We have 3 wonderful children-Matthew is 17 and will be a senior at Wootton in the fall, Sydni is 14 and will be a freshman, and Jake is 10 and will be in 5th grade. We stay very busy w/ both boys playing travel level hockey and lacrosse ,and Sydni dancing a few days a week- plus she just made Wootton Poms ( w/ one of her best friends- Jacqueline Keenan- Leslie's daughter) so we'll be adding that to our free time. Chip is General Council for John J. Kirlin, a mechanical contractor, and I am a stay at home mom who is never home. I have volunteered in a homeless shelter for 4 1/2 years and I love it. We won't be at the reunion, we'll be at the beach. We hope everyone has a great time! 6/27/06

Andrea (Andi) Oliver (Brown)   email   Monrovia, MD
What a wonderful website! So great to see pictures from the years gone by and the pictures of the reunion!!! Sounds like you all had a fabulous time, I have not attended one reunion, not sure why, maybe I'll come to the 30th! (UGH)
I have been married for 18 years to Scott, we live in Monrovia, MD which is just a bit above Damascus. We have a son named Daniel, he is almost 15 and started as a freshman at Urbana High School this year (UGH, again!!!). I have been a Mortgage Loan Underwriter since getting out of Maryland and just took a break last year to be at home to make sure my teenager stays on the correct path. You know how that goes!!! So far so good, he's a great athlete and student, unlike of course his mother. For that I am so thankful! My husband is an executive for BMW and enjoys his work very much, he has very long hours but I pass the time playing golf, make sports memory boxes, volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Frederick County and the Frederick County School Early Reader Program. I love every one of my "hobbies"!!! Would love to hear from any and all of you! Thanks for this great site, I'm sorry I did not visit it sooner!!!

Jim Brown  email  Rockville, MD

Greta Brunschwyler   email   Las Vegas. NV

Ross Callen   email   Dallas, TX
Married to Dana for 13 years, one 9 year-old daughter (Shannon). Moved to Dallas from Oklahoma after school, but ended up playing rugby almost as much as selling software. Eventually shook that off (the rugby, not software) and settled down, now Director of Implementation for a software company in Dallas. Tracked down Paul Ha in St. Louis last summer, but aside from that it's been a long time...  6/29/06

Jahangir Channa   email   Hydearabad, India

Stephen Chapman   email   Vancouver, WA
I have been married to Kathy since 1992 and we have 4 kids: Daniel 12, Peter 9, Emma 6 and Chloe 3. Working for FHWA in Vancouver, WA since 1999 building roads in National Parks and Forests in the NW. Busy with church and the local Classical Christian school. BS, Civil Engineering from GWU in 1986 and MS from Berkeley, CA in 1987 where I ran into Roy Peterkofsky. 7/2/06

Lary (Del) Chinnery  email   San Antnio, TX
Just wanted to let you know we moved from Monterey to San Antonio.  Best, Del  07/08/2008

Virginia (Ginny) Collins (Clark)   email   Lewes, DE
Married for 27 yrs to Stephen. Son Greg 25- Graduate of Univ. of Scranton Member of the DE National Guard, in Afghanistan. Daughter Katie 22, engaged studying Elem. Ed. Daughter Erin 21 PFC De National Guard, in Afghanistan.(yes they are serving in the same Unit) Daughter Theresa 13, Daughter Kelly 10. Living and Loving life in Rehoboth for 24 yrs now.  10/4/2011

Brian Cleaves  email  Gaithersburg, MD
Haven't been to exec. in a while, but I sure do miss it. See you at the picnic in July!  3/20/06

Laura Holmes (Cook)   email  Bethesda MD
Dave and I have been married for 22 years and have three kids: Melanie (18), Kristen (14) and Nicholas (8). 11/1/11

Marie Butler (Coulter)   email   Laurel, MD
Graduated from Lehigh back in '85 - been married to my best friend Terry for 24+ years. We've got two great kids and a goldendoodle :)  Ben is 13, Danny 11, and Fluffy doesn't discuss her age... Live in Laurel, MD.  10/20/11

Brent Curtis   email   Pleasanton, CA
Julie and I have been married almost 19 years and still going strong.  We met at Vanderbilt.   Julie was a school teacher and is currently a full time mom.   After 16+ years in Atlanta we decided to go on an adventure.  Packed up and moved out to the San Francisco East Bay area at the end of 2003 (we are bout 50 miles from San Fran).  It has been a good learning experience for the boys.  They are now 14 and 12.  Rees is into basketball and football and is about to catch me in size.  George is a basketball and lacrosse player, and plays the trumpet.  Both are very good students (got that from Mom).  I'm at Ross Store where I am responsible for supply chain systems.   2/12/07

Brooks Curtis   email   Ann Arbor, MI
Also here is some intel on Brooks from his brother Brent:
Lives in Ann Arbor, MI and has a 14 year old daughter.  He has been working at GM since graduating from GA Tech in 85.   His position has him traveling all over the world. 02/12/07

Jeannie Geier (Conlan)   email   Rockville, MD

David Dennison  email  Rockville, MD  pic

Kathleen Dunphy  email  Murphys, CA

Pete Fisher  email  Brentwood, TN
I've been living in Nashville since 1985. I have been married to my wife, Hope for 18 years and we have two boys, Sean (17) and Chris (11). I was appointed VP, General Manager of the Grand Ole Opry in 1999 and prior to that was an artist manager and Dir. of Creative Services at WarnerSongs, a music publishing company at Warner Bros. Records.
I stay in touch with Dave Harper who threatens to never come to a reunion, but I'll change that! 4/17/06

Mike Fitzgerald   email
Margaret Flather   email   Afton, VA
I am an Ob/Gyn doctor practicing at Augusta Health. Currently vice chair of th surgery department. I have a small horse farm in Afton that I share with an eclectic artist.  10/31/11

Jack Flyer  email  Bethesda, MD    pic
Still practicing cardiology in MD./DC. Had second kid, Sophia, now almost a year ago to keep Luke, now 2 1/2 entertained. Living in Bethesda, finishing a new house. 4/26/06

Shirley Sakla (Ghobrial)  email   Potomac, MD
Have been back in the area but missed the 25th reunion.  I don't want it to happen again to the 30th.  I'm currently an elementary school teacher, working on a post graduate degree in Educational Leadership, and married with 2 children.  Both my kids will be in UMCP next year.  My husband and I reside in Potomac and in July 2009, we will celebrate our 22nd anniversary.  06/23/09

Steffi Casillas (Gitlin)   email   Acton,
STEFFI GITLIN'S FREEDOM CD BREAKS THROUGH TO COMMERCIAL AND NPR  RADIO STATIONS NATIONWIDE Mon, Aug. 14 2007 MY CD is called “FREEDOM,” a musical essay on love, freedom, and democracy. It  is very retro in nature with feelings of the 60’s and 70’s, yet asking the questions  of today. Mastered at Capitol Records by Ron McMaster, who quoted, ”these are  13 of the most radio friendly songs I have ever heard!” Current national  promotion on over 100 AC commercial station, over 25 NPR station requests as  well as several country stations. Here are some PD comments: "I just added the  songs to medium rotation. I like her music because it sounds like late 60's, early  70's folk /pop muisc." WJFL 101.9 " I'm adding Steffi Gitlin's Freedom to my spins  starting today" KXAZ 93.3 "Getting 10 to 12 spins" WBNL 1540 AM world's most  listened to internet radio station. " I added it this week 18 spins" KSPI 93.7 "I will  add it this week" KGY 1240 AM    08/14/2007

Jonathon Golub  email  Rockville, MD
I am still working the real estate commercial development, leasing and property management. I am married to Cindy L. Kalb and have three children: Rebecca: 10, Ari: 7 and Jeremy: 4. I keep in touch with Armen Sahagian (who is on assignment overseas) and see Steve Tapparo who is married to my cousin. I occasionally see Sherrie and Chip Mitchell, David Feitel who live in my community and Karen Herer who lives nearby and has a child that attends my child's school. 3/29/06

Heidi Robertson (Gorovitz) email

Diane Amoroso (Grice)   email   Gaithersburg, MD
I have been happily married to my husband John for 15 years. We have 3 awesome boys Johnny 13, Kyle 12, and Cory 7. I left Ruths' Chris Steak House @ 4 years ago to do what quite a few of us are doing....running the kids around to activities hoping not to forget one along the way! It has been such a pleasure to read about what everyone has been up to in the past 20 years! I hope to see eveyone at our 30th!  08/12/06

Jim Grollman   email   Los Angeles, CA

Allan Gross  email  Eldersburg, MD
Currently living in Eldersburg, MD. Married 7 years to my wife Meg. By day, I'm a Software Developer (degrees in EE, Biomedical Engineering and Education). By night I'm a writer. Have written numerous graphic novels, comics, children's TV shows, coffee table art books and newspaper comics. Enjoy doing triathlons, marathon running, trying to live a healthy lifestyle and debating the great Shakespeare Authorship Controversy! 6/24/06

Katherine Eustice (Gross)   email   Rockville, MD

Paul Ha   email   St. Louis, MO

David Harper   email   Bel Air, MD

Mike Hecker   email

Renate Adamowicz (Hellmann)   email   Burlington, VT
How fun to read the news! I got a masters degree from Penn State in Plant Pathology. Can't do much with it though up here, so after jobs here and there, ended up at the hospital as a medical assistant in oncology. That spured me on back to school. Graduated recently with an LPN, working on the RN now. Married with 2 boys, Filip 9 and Lukas 11. Visitors welcome in Burlington!  6/29/06

Karen Belt (Herer)   email   Rockville, MD
I have been married for 13 years and have 3 children: Tyler-10 Spencer-7, and Lilly - 3.  I am currently a stay at home mom trying to keep up with my 3 greatest accomplishments.  Prior to kids, I worked for Marriott International in HR and Marketing.  I have very fond memories of CWW.  Hope to see everyone at our next reunion.   02/07/2007

Bob Herman   email   Brookeville, MD
Wife: Debbie, Daughters: Skylar 7 and Carly 3 Career: General Dentist in Bethesda, MD 6/27/06

Juan Pedro Hernandez   email   Spain
I live in Spain close to the mediterranean sea.Its very sunny most of the year so every time i get a chance i go to the beach.I got married in 1996.I have no children.I work in an Emergency Hospital .I miss a lot of people who left behind in the States but this is life.In any case ,i am very glad and very proud of being part of this school.I will always bear you all in my heart.Regards to all of you,Juan. 04/01/2008

Scott Hildebrand  email Shrewsbury, MA
Married 19 years to Linda whom I met at Villanova University. We have 2 girls - Lena (10), Julia (5). After 6 years as a Naval Officer, I have been with Corning Inc for 15 years in various operations and engineering leadership roles. I hated to miss the reunion but I had a big family reunion the same day. 07/07/06

Janet Division (Horne)   email   Mt. Airy, MD
Live in Mount Airy with husband John, daughter Michelle (12) and son David (9). Work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgate as VP, Finance. Unfortunately, will be out of town for the reunion but hope to make it to other CWW upcoming events. WILDCATS ROCK!!!!!!! ;) 6/27/06

Karen Morgan (Houley)   email

John Hurt   email   Pasadena, MD
Graduated from Towson State and spent the next three years touring with various rock&roll groups as a lighting electrician/designer.  Back to UMBC engineering, got into computer networking and now work as Senior VP for Information Services at LaSalle National Leasing Corp.  01/25/2008

Caryl Weinbaum (Kaufman)   email  Darnestown, MD

Steve Kearns   email

Chip (Arthur) Kingsley  email    Leonardtown, MD
Obtained a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in MA. Married in 1991. No kids - 2 cats. We live in Southern, MD. I am a VP for the electric utility serving Southern Maryland (SMECO).      10/14/2011

Lynn Lamkin   email   Richmond, VA
Hi Everyone – I’m a single mother of a 12 year old daughter Sydney.  I moved to Richmond, VA 10 years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of the D.C. area.  This website is outstanding and a great way to reflect on a lot of fun times at Woodward High.  It is very sad to see the passing of a few of our classmates.  Looking forward to the next reunion (30th) – I feel so old. 03/06/07

Diane Schumacher (Layne)  email

Robin Orseck (Lee)   email   Washington, DC

Rob Leinson   email   Gaithersburg, MD
Married to Dawn for 15 years. We met in Mexico. We have two girls, Rachel (13) & Mollie (11) and a dog named Bandit. We live in Gaitherburg near the Quince Orchard area. I own an advertising & direct mail company (SuperCoups) in Montgomery County. My wife has been teaching in the county for last 15 years. The last 7 as a second grade teacher. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's stories. 6/21/06

Holly Buehler (Leitner)   email   Sterling, VA
Married for 15 years to Jim Buehler. 3 sons: Jamie, 13, Kevin, 10 and Spencer, 7. Worked in Human Resources after graduating from Duke in 1985 (huge basketball fan!), but since having kids have worked part time and done the stay at home mom thing. Still keep in touch with May Chen (Topper) and Joanne Staurulakis (Scheller). Can't make the reunion but send my best to everyone. 6/18/06

Brian Leslie  email
I work for a real estate investment firm.  We buy and sell properties at foreclosure. 11/15/11

Howard Levine  email

Brad Loper   email

Leslie Keenan (Malawer)   email   Rockville, MD
My husband (Chris, Woodward Class of 1975) and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We have two children - Jacqueline is 14 and will be attending Wootton High School this fall (scary thought) and Brett is 11 and will be starting at Frost. With baseball, soccer and competitive gymnastics schedules, not to mention now adding Wootton Poms to the agenda, we keep quite busy with the kids. For the past 4 years my sister and I have been busy running our family foundation which we established in 2002 after my dad passed away from melanoma skin cancer. It keeps me challenged doing many of the same types of marketing/ advertising activities I had done previously in my "career life" and it is very gratifying to see the changes we are able to make in the lives of many children and their sun habits. Life is good! Sorry I won't be able to see everyone at the reunion, but look forward to hearing all about it.  6/25/06

Jeannie Kurtz (Mancuso)  email

Kathy Leary (Marsden)   email   Old Lyme, CT
Living in CT on the shore of Long Island Sound with my two amazing kids; son Ryan-13 and daughter Ellen-9. (I am divorced). Ellen has the most beautiful voice and I love singing with her.  Just this morning she asked me to sing what I sang for graduation - remember??? Out Here on My own? I don't think I have sang it since that day in June 1981 - but it brought back some great memories.    After many, many years of running my own business (US sales and marketing for an artist studio in Barcelona) I am working for Sennheiser Electronics - so for all you musicians - give me a shout and I can see what kind of discount I can get you for recording & sound equipment :) I am sorry that I missed our last gathering - I had such a blast at the 20 year reunion!  02/08/2007

Susan Stillman (Margolis)   email   Potomac, MD
Live in Potomac with Brad.  Married 10 years; 4 children - Jacob (9), Benjamin (7), Gabriel (5), and Naomi (2).  Worked as an oncology social worker at Hopkins.   Stay at home mom now, which often leaves me dazed and confused (just like back in high school!) Watching Lisa on the shuttle reminds me that we are still capable of doing great things at our age.  Life is an adventure and I'm enjoying the ride.  Glad to see many of  you are too. 7/10/06

Scott McCrary   email

Frank McShalley  email  Parkville, MD 
I graduated from Mt. St. Marys College in 1985. I met my wife, Joanne there. We have been married for over 15 years and have two children, Molly, 12 and Brian, 8. I am currently working for AEGON Direct Marketing Services in Baltimore, Md., where I have been for 9 years. We live in Baltimore County. Most of my family is still in Montgomery County, so I occaisionally go back to the old neighborhoods. I am looking forward to the reunion since I missed our 20th. It has been a long time since I have seen anyone from our class. 3/16/06

Lori Rodman (Menick)   email

Alan Miller   email   New Market, MD
Hi All!  My sister (Maureen, CWW class of 79) put me onto this site.  Very cool, and great to see how everyone's doing!  I've been working in the aviation industry the past 22 years, now having my own company, Miller Aerospace, LLC.  Also in the PA Air Guard, and flew B-52s back in the Cold War days.  Divorced, no kids, girlfriend of 2 years, Isabelle and I are doing great - can't wait to catch up more at the next reunion!   11/20/2007

Jan Mirkin-Earley (Mirkin)    email   Austin, TX
I've been living in Austin, Texas and loving it. I am happily married. Our family, so far, includes a horse named Achia, A Golden Retriever named Magnolia and cat named Henry. I have worked in the music business and have had my company Mirkin Management for 22 years now. I am the Senior Director of Business Development for Digital Music Group, I run the Texas ASCAP office and in addition, I consult for a record label, music producers and a few other independent clients. Life is good. Sorry I wont be there to catch up, but if you are ever headed this way, drop me a line! Have fun. 6/22/06

Bob Morrison  email    Ijamsville, MD
Today is my 20th wedding anniversary with Marianne Isaac, CWW '83. Our son, Bryan is 15, a black belt in karate and budding film producer. Kendyl Rose, 9, is my mini-me, and we cracked up at the season's first practice on the soccer field a few falls ago when, unbeknownst to me, Roz Haggerty got upset when I yelled for my Kendyl Rose to pick up her game -- turns out her oldest girl is also Kendal Rose, and was on my team! Kendal Varga was in our thoughts when we named our girls... I have built up a nice community banking consultant practice after 23 years with Suburban. I also teach banking in the MBA program at U of MD. Marianne teaches at the Lutheran Church preschool here in Frederick. We've been in Ijamsville since we were married. Looking forward to seeing everyone! 10/19/11

Dina Land (Moses)   email   Arlington, VA
Jeff, 18 years. We have 3 kids -- Helen 11; Adam 9; Melissa 9) spend summers on the eastern shore. After working for many years in organization management and government relations, and a few wonderful years of working only as a full time mom, I now am working part time managing local trade associations/professional societies. So, its back to 2 jobs!   I see Eve Askanas Kerr a couple times a year when she is in town for business. 6/28/06

Frank Muller   email   Roy, UT

Cameron Heulitt (Murphy)   email   Middlesex, NJ
My husband Chad and I have been married for 16 years and we have two children,  Addison (10) and Kate (7). Next school year, I will be our elementary school's PTO president for the third year in a row. This summer I am stage managing a production of "Ragtime" for a youth group that performs at the NJPAC in Newark, NJ. Luckliy I have July 2nd off and will be able to attend the reunion with the kids. Chad who is a broadway stage hand currently working on "The Color Purple" is not so lucky, and will not be able to attend. I look forward to seeing everyone. 6/13/06

Karen Dyer (Murray)  email   Houston, TX
Living in Houston, TX with 2 sons, teaching 1st grade been through 2 divorces in the last 6 years and doing well now. look forward to seeing folks at the reunion. thanks for putting it together. 6/27/06

Martin Offutt   email   Wien,AT

Jim Oliver   email   Potomac Falls, VA
I live in Potomac Falls Virginia, and currently work for an accounting firm.  2 girls Megan (12) and Courtney (11), spend allot of time in Bethany, and look forward to connecting with some old friends. 6/22/06

Zoe Panarites   email   West Palm Beach, FL
Greetings.  I am blown away by my former classmates accomplishments, victories and some not insignificant sadness.  Since CWW, I have lived in NYC ('85-94), New Orleans ('94-98) (yes, I've been back since Kat, in 2006 and just this past w/end) and Boston ('98-'03); now in West Palm Beach, FL since 2003 practicing management-side labor and employment law (as I have, generally, since 1994). I send good wishes to all who might remember me, and implore us all to stay productive and create your own happiness each day. Best regards,  Zoe Panarites.  01/30/07  Work Bio

Bethanie (Beth) Parler (Detar)   email  Fort Mill, SC
I have three children - Katie 21, a senior at University of South Carolina; Kyle 19, a sophomore at USC; and Christopher 14, a sophomore at Nation Ford High School.  We live in Fort Mill, SC...just south of Charlotte, SC.  My primary job has been raising children for the past two decades...but also manage a busy recreation complex that provides youth athletics and fitness and educational programming to the Fort Mill community, and stay crazy busy with volunteer work at school and church.  I have many fond memories of CWW! 10/17/2011

Bobby Patton email  Laytonsville, MD
Started a company with my brother, Burt, in 1984 ( Graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Maryland in 1985. Married in 1987. Raising five children -- Bret, Megan, Molly and Kylee. Lovin' life. Still living in Montgomery County, near Damascus. I still have occaisional contact with Brian Cleves (we're neighbors) and Mark Shapiro (email). I have gone by to visit with the Hashims, but haven't seen Mark for 20 years. I would love to hear from the gang that lived on Marcliff... or anyone else....  1/27/06

Mike Perez  email   pic
I managed to graduate from University of Maryland with a BSEE (let’s just say I didn’t make the honor role). Several years later married to wife #1, had three beautiful children, currently 13, 11, and 7 (see pictures); we divorced after 14 years L  Last year I re-married (hurray for!) and am now living in Vienna and am the weekend Dad. Professionally, I went through the wringer during the Telecom/Dot.Com bust years. I’m now the Deputy CIO of a large legal debt collection company. I still play drums regularly for kicks (it’s in my blood), but don’t play in a band. I love to ski out west when I can – went to Vail, CO back in Feb and it was awesome. I am very grateful for my life today. 6/26/06

Karen Hold (Petty)   email   Sun Valley, ID

Diane Graf (Ray)   email

Bill Rider  email   Richmond, VA
Bill Rider is living in Richmond, VA still, teaching math and coaching soccer. Married 16 years this summer. One kid, son Spence, who is 7. Good to know that the longterm effects of our days at CWW have still not started showing up... 5/22/06

Beth Roberts  email
In 1996 I left my engineering job to pursue a Ph.D. in English at Tulane University. I earned the Ph.D. in 2002 and taught at the University of Southern Mississippi--Gulf Coast for a couple of years.  My book One Voice and Many: Modern Poets in Dialogue was published by the University of Delaware Press in March.  A few weeks before the hurricane, I started a web site for clueless college students ( and was planning to continue teaching part time while transitioning into educational consulting. Katrina killed that plan, and I returned to Chattanooga where I am now a writing consultant and freelance writer/editor. 6/22/06

Nancy Zelaya (Rodwin)   email   Salisbury, MD

Ruth Gnatt (Rogolsky) email
I am now remarried. I dropped the "Weissel" and I am now Ruth (Rogolsky) Gnatt. I am married to Michael Gnatt (who went to BCC high shcool.)  I have one 11 year old daughter (Sara) and 3 step daughters (Emily, Johanna and Kim) and 2 step granchildren! (Liam and Graham.) Michael and I live in the Potomac area and will be celebrating our 2nd year of marriage in January, 2012.  10/20/2011

Cathy Downs (Sanslone)  email  Cary, NC
I keep busy with my 5-year-old son and my job as newsletter editor for a non-profit organization. My husband and I will soon celebrate our 17th anniversary. 5/8/06

William Santorios   email   Phoenix, AZ
Moved from Md to Phoenix about 6 years ago, Have a trucking company here hauling cars. Looking forward to the reunion !! 09/07/2011

Mark Scalettar   email

Nicholas Schmidt    email   Boulder, CO  pic
Hi thanks for putting this together!  The website is fantastic.  I am sorry I will be out West for the 25th reunion and not able to attend. I married Susy Brazelton six years ago and we are the proud parents of 2 dogs right now, they haven’t been to the Vet in years.  We will take them in as soon as ski season/mtn biking/fly fishing/pheasant hunting seasons are over!  I am so proud to read about all the accomplishments and the families of my classmates.  I am very sad to hear about Dave Ashby, he was a great guy and I wish his family well.  Del Chinnery, you are a hero for helping our friends in Iraq.  6/23/06

Ron Schneider   email   Bowie, MD

Julie Cort (Shapiro)   email   NYC
I live in Manhattan with my husband (Daniel) and two daughters, Amanda (age 14)and Meredith (age 5).  I am an attorney and work for a State Supreme Court Justice in Manhattan.  I also teach a class at New York Law School regarding judicial opinion writing.11/05/11

Bill Sherwood  email  Quantico, MD
Bill, Tricia and Madison are still living in our 5 bed/3bath home in the woods near the Nanticoke river on the Eastern Shore. I a an engineer for the fourth largest Food Service Equipment dealer in the country, and work from home. What a perfect job!! I have not actually seen my boss in over two years, but he does call alot. Madison plays soccer, plays the saxaphone, and is enrolled in the 6th grade STEM (sicence, technology, engineering, math) academy here in Wicomico county. We enjoy camping at our RV camp, located just 3 miles from our house, on the Nanticoke river with a beautiful beach and good crabbing, not to mention an entertaing crowd. We also enjoy our family condo in OC near 94th street- if we are in OC, chances are we will be at the Bull on the Beach on 94th. 09/14/2011

Gary Silverman   email   Alexandria, VA   pic
Gary Silverman lives in Fairfax County with his wife Sherina (married 7/8/05) and their 2 kids Adam (born 7/28/06) and Elyssa (born 1/16/08). Gary has been a Major Account Manager with Verizon for 7 years, and has been running a successful entertainment business for over 27 years - Silver Platter Parties. He specializes in childrens entertainment with Magic, Games and Dance Activities. 08/10/08

Betsy Cowan (Simon)   email   San Antonio, TX
Just arrived in San Antonio (Randolph AFB) after husband, Jeff, gave up command of the 74th World Famous Flying Tigers, an A-10 unit at Pope AFB, North Carolina. I have been fortunate to find employment in cultural arts on every military move (there have been 9 in 18 years!). One child, Maggie, who is eleven. 6/22/06

David Smith  email   Sacketts Harbor, NY
I am an anesthesiologist in upstate NY specializing in the use of nerve blocks instead of general anesthesia.  I am divorced and have 3 sons ages 7, 10, and 12.  My oldest son has dyslexia and will be attending a private boarding school for dyslexia this fall in Buffalo.  I am the founder of an advocacy and support group for parents of children with dyslexia.  I also travel to Peru twice each year on medical missions to provide free surgery to the children of Abancay, Peru.  Last but not least, I work several hours a week trying to get a golf swing as good as Ben Hogans'.  02/07/2007

Dave Smoley  email  Paradise Valley, AZ    pic
David and Kathy Smoley's photo of their three children. The Smoleys are living in Paradise Valley, Arizona. David works for Honeywell. Phillip is 16 years old. Alec 14 years old. Savannah 11 years old. 4/1/06

David Sorter   email   Germantown, MD

Patrick Sullivan  email  Marietta, GA
Currently living outside Atlanta, moved here almost 9 years ago (but D.C. still feels like home). Married 20 years in November to Wendy who I met at Maryland - Ryan and Kevin will turn 15 and 12 later this year. After working in banking, and at Fannie Mae, moved to Atlanta to join an Insurance company. Currently the Product Executive for our homeowner’s business having also done Business Development and Merger / Integration work. I’m the Poster-boy for the “Suburban Soccer dad”, coaching, playing golf, and a spending a lot of family time. I run into a few Woodward grads working in the mortgage industry but mostly ’79 and ’80 guys. Still drive by CWW when I’m home, my kids know a few stories … but not all of them!  5/2/06

Paul Sun   email

Pete Szabo   email   New York, NY
My wife, Norah McVeigh, and I have two lovely children, Brennan (age 11) and Mariah (age 7).  We live in New York City.  I run my own consulting practice providing management advice to nonprofits and foundations.  Things are good.  09/08/2011

James Troendle   email   Columbia, MD
I've been married to Linda for almost 20 years.  We have two boys London (16) and Austin (14).  I work at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute as a statistician.  01/29/2011

John Turnbull   email   Decatur, GA
I'll be in Germany during the reunion writing about the World Cup for my website on world soccer, University of Nebraska Press in 2008 will publish an anthology of world literature about soccer that I am editing with two colleagues. My wife, Keri, and I are adopting an infant child from India. 6/12/06

Lisa Wainger   email   Hollywood, MD
I was recently made a Research Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Solomons, Maryland. It's challenging work but I love it. I'm married with no kids and live in Southern Maryland on the Patuxent River. I've been in touch with Teri (formerly Wood), Frank Moran, Ralph Bunday, Corky Logsdon and Greg Dunston. All but Ralph are now retired and they all really seem to be enjoying life. Hmmm. Ralph is still teaching at the Blair science magnet program and has no plans to quit anytime soon. Hope the reunion goes well. Many thanks to Jeannie for organizing all this. 7/1/06

Michael Watts   email    Winchester, VA
I am and Emergency Physician and have been working in Winchester for the last 8 years.  Married 20 years to Jen.  We have 2 boys, Taylor (17) and Carter (14), and a girl, Meredith (11).  10/11/2011

Scott Werber   email   SIlver Spring, MD
Got married to Karen Cooke on 5/10/08. Honeymooned in Greece. Now living in Silver Spring.  04/28/2009

Cyndie Cotter (Whitt)   email   Rockville, MD
I've been married since April '89. My husband (Steve) and I have 3 kids: Kristin (13), Kevin (11), and Keith (9). I work at the National Cancer Institute, NIH. We bought a house in our old neighborhood (Old Farm) in 1998. Our daughter is going to Tilden MS - which is located now in the "old" Woodward. It's pretty strange walking down the halls and remembering back to the "Good Old Days". I keep in touch with Leslie Seidell (who also moved back to Old Farm) and Janet Vaccaro - they are both from the class of 1982. 6/27/06

Dave Wildermuth   email   Maple Grove, MN
Married to Melissa and we have three children Jake (4), Ellie (2), and Maddie(4 months). Currently working at Medtronic as a director of marketing in their remote monitoring business. We're the folks that make those pacemakers and other chronic disease solutions that I hope none of you will be needing anytime soon. I moved over to the business world after 14 years in television. After TV, No longer wear makeup except on weekends or for special occasions. Amber sunset #34 is a big favorite. Hope all is well with all of you and glad to see that so many of you are doing so well on the personal and work fronts. 6/22/06

Michael Williams   email   Atlanta, GA
Living in Atlanta for 24 years now.  Happily married for 18 years and have two great kids (15 and 12).  Been with Norfolk Southern Corp. (railroad) for entire career; currently Manager of Industrial Engineering.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have been back to Rockville since graduation, but reading the bios and seeing the reunion pictures makes me wish I had kept more in touch.  06/27/2009

Roberta Williams   email   San Antonio, TX
Hi! Mike & I are living in San Antonio,TX now...check out the new website for my art: I have been very in college or graduated from college...sigh...where does the time go? :)

Terry Hubbard (Winstead)   email  Gaithersburg, MD

Debbie Huffman (Wintermyer) email  Middletown, MD
Jeannie - Great website. Thanks for getting this together. I wish I could make it to the reunion but we will be on vacation in Texas. Take care and hope to make it to the next one!  Deb  5/19/06

Susan Young   email  NYC
Flight Attendant, Florida Realtor Remax Sundance Realty 11. 11/11/11

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